Wartime Rations – Day Seventeen

Tonight was an evening of leftovers, and struggling to not make them look like leftovers! Also, I’m trying to eke out our meat ration – one pound between the two of us for the week – over three meals.

Main course, cottage pie (mince topped with mashed potatoes, heated in the oven, then sprinkled with cheese and browned under the grill) with carrots and beetroot.


For pudding, the remains of the syrup cake I made the other day, with stewed apples and apple juice (liquid left over from stewing the apples) on top. My husband poked it with his spoon a few times, not too sure about the combination, but we both really enjoyed it.

I’m really interested in the war from a child’s point of view, so asked Anne some more questions about her schooldays. What was it like having to take her gas mask to school every day? Did they have air raid drills?

anne2013(Taking a gas mask to school was) a nuisance; it was on a string or tape over my shoulder. I never had a back satchel like many of the pupils; I always had to carry an attaché case – and over a mile to walk to get the school bus from Kippen to Balfron. But talking about the school bus: one day the bus didn’t arrive at 4 to take us home, and eventually we all started walking.

The two girls with me were all for getting to the front, but I encouraged them to hang back till we were the last of the crowd by quite a distance – I’d figured out that something would come up behind us to give us a lift! And so it turned out and we were able to wave to all the eager beavers ahead of us.

Air raid drills?  Oh yes, quite a lot to begin with, but they gradually tailed off.


2 thoughts on “Wartime Rations – Day Seventeen

  1. I loved this snippet. I can’t believe your dedication to this process. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stay on any diet for more than a week let alone a month.
    I’m enjoying Anne’s contribution too. My mother was one of the few children from London who didn’t get evacuated during the war. She still won’t talk about her experiences but I remember my Grandmother telling me they spent a lot of time in the air-raid shelters. I never even thought of her carrying gas masks to school but she must have. Thanks.

    • I have to be honest, this isn’t really a diet. I’m just back eating the foods/meals I used to as a child. And any eating plan that lets you have pudding every night is good by me! As for your mother… it must have been really scary being in London during the Blitz and then the doodlebugs. A shame she won’t talk about it – I’m sure she has a lot of fascinating stories – but maybe it’s easier to keep those things held in than examining them too closely. War does so much damage, doesn’t it.

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