Wartime Rations – Day 5

Another very brief blog this evening.

Today has been ‘leftover’ day – soup and coleslaw salad at lunchtime, mince and tatties for dinner – so I haven’t added any photos. What I am quite pleased about is that I still have quite a lot of butter, milk and cheese left for the weekend, so I’m hoping to get some baking done on Sunday.

Given how important the role of the housewife was in the war effort, I’m really surprised there are very few archival films out there depicting the challenges they faced. I’ve been very fortunate in being able to buy all my ‘rations’ at my once weekly shopping and store meat for later use in the freezer.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to have to queue almost daily at the shops, not even knowing if there would be any food to buy to make an evening meal for the family. And can you imagine how miserable it must have been in the winter when it was cold, wet or snowy?

Anyway, here is one video I did manage to find – about how to cook cabbage correctly. Anyone else annoyed that the girls have to do all the work while the boys stay outside playing??


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