Wartime Rations – Day 3

I’ve had a really busy day, so I’m afraid this is going to be a short post talking only about today’s rations. The one thing I’ve discovered about eating fresh wartime food is that cooking it takes up quite a bit of time.  Especially when I’m trying out new recipes.

Breakfast and lunch were the usual – toast for breakfast, then soup, a sandwich and fruit for lunch.


I experimented with dinner tonight. With not a huge variety of vegetables available at this time of year during wartime, I decided to try out a recipe for Brussels Sprouts soup which I found in The Glasgow Cookery Book. My first reaction was Ewwww.  But you know what?  It was absolutely delicious.  (Apologies for the blurred photo.) I only made enough for three small servings (one each tonight and one for my lunch tomorrow) but I wish I’d made more and will definitely ‘supersize’ it next time!

I’ve never cooked with powdered eggs before, so tonight I thought I would make a bacon/onion/cheese frittata as I didn’t have time (or the egginclination) to make a quiche pastry from scratch. To be honest, it didn’t look great, but tasted okay.  Not great, just okay. Thank goodness for the onion and bacon to give it flavour.  However the Curried Potatoes that I took from The 1940s Experiment website were a great hit and very simple – although I did miss out the oatmeal.  (Oops! I just pressed the publish button by mistake and don’t know how to undo it, so some people reading this might only get half the blog!!)

For dessert we had individual apple crumbles again.

As I said above, preparing and cooking all this homemade food from scratch is very time consuming… but the smell in the house is fabulous.  A visitor has just walked in the door – my husband and I finished eating about 30 minutes ago – and her first comment was, “Wow, something smells good.”

Even more important, it tastes good!


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