The first book in the Outlander series definitely ranks in my top ten list of favourite reads. If what you want is to lose yourself in a blockbuster story, it’s got it all; great characters, a love story, adventure, history and a little fantasy to boot. Best of all, it’s set in Scotland!


It’s taken a long time to get this to the screen. There was talk of a movie at one time, but it’s too big a story for a two-hour film. Now, probably partly due to the success of Game of Thrones, it’s just started filming in Scotland with a 2014 TV air date.

I’m excited yet nervous at the prospect, and can only hope the producers manage to realise Diana Gabaldon’s vision in the same way David Benioff and D.B. Weiss managed with G.R.R. Martin’s epic.

We’ll have to wait and see, but until then you might want to check out this website to keep up to date on the series’ progress.



4 thoughts on “Outlander

  1. My mother-in-law is a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon and has read all her books. I, myself, struggle with the concept of a story that includes time travel. It’s the science geek in me. To travel through time one would have to find a stable wormhole and then there’s no reason to believe that humans could survive such a journey (Shades of Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, I know.)
    But I do hope that the producers do the books justice. It’s always a shame when they chop a story to sheds just because they’ve run out of time. (No punt intended.)

    • I loved the first two and-half books, and just accepted the suspension of disbelief for the whole time travel things. Like you, I just hope the producers do the series justice. Fingers crossed.

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