The Great Canadian Bucket List.

My daughter has travelled the world and one of her favourite travel writers is Robin Esrock.  He was here in town a few weeks ago promoting his new book The Great Canadian Bucket List so I went along to hear his talk.

We all know Canada has the most amazing scenery and fabulous history.  Living here in Calgary, I’m fortunate enough to have the Rockies in my backyard. But I didn’t know Canada has its own Dead Sea.  Or its own Da Vinci Code? Did you?

I’ve always fancied a cycling holiday in France – all that great scenery, food and wine  – but it turns out I don’t have to cross the ocean to savour the experience. Quebec has its own 230 km bike trail Le P’tit Train Du Nord (ski trail in winter) that sweeps through forests and villages, past rivers and golf courses and – best of all – is mostly FLAT!



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