Surprise Day – Part Four

Last, but not least, our final destination, Red Cross Gardens (Click), a street away from Cross Bones Graveyard, and a real hidden treasure.

There’s a memorial plaque there to Octavia Hill. (Click) I’d never heard of her before, but she was a famous social reformer of in the 19th Century and one of the three founders of The National Trust. (Click)


It was just after lunch when we visited there.  Children were racing around the paths, office workers relaxing on the (burned – hey, it was 30C) grass beside the lily pond.


What I love about London is all its secret places. My idea of heaven on earth?  To spend a month (or two) in London so I could start to scratch beneath its tourist surface.  But for starters, next time I’m going to follow this Secret London/Borough (Click) walk, and this walk through some of their secret parks. (Click)

It was a fabulous day. Thanks, J. I’m looking forward to our next trip and the next surprise day.  (Pressure’s on!)

Apologies for all the ‘clicks’, but I just realised that the links weren’t showing up very well in all my posts and some of them are really interesting.


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