Surprise Day – Part Three

Hmmm.  I think I’ve got my timing a little wrong.  We might have gone for lunch before going to Cross Bones Cemetery.

No matter – lunch was wonderful – both the food and the unique location!

J took me to The George Inn, which I believe is the only remaining coaching inn in London. It’s now a National Trust property and another great place to visit if you’re in the Southwark area.  Charles Dickens spent some time here and mentions it in one of his books. It was a wonderful place to sit, relax and reflect on what we’d seen that morning.

The George

The meal was delicious – as was the glass of wine that accompanied it. In fact, the meal was too much for me, so make sure you’re hungry when you visit.


I worked in the Southwark/London Bridge area a l-o-n-g time ago. In those days, it wasn’t the kind of place you wanted to hang around – our Nurses’ Home in Bayswater was a much better area in which to spend time – so it’s lovely to see how the whole South Bank and the Borough/Lambeth/Southwark areas have been regenerated.

Did I mention I love London??


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