Wartime Rations – Day 12

A very quick post this evening.  It’s been a busy day, tearing about all over the place, but I’ve managed to stick to my rations.  Breakfast and lunch: the usual – porridge, soup and a sandwich.

When I got home this evening, it was already pretty late and I’d forgotten to take any meat out the freezer.  (I know, I know…wartime housewives didn’t have freezers!)  Fortunately Friday evening has a laid back feel to it; it’s the end of the work week, and if dinner isn’t quite so formal as during the week, who cares. So, I quickly made a pot of oatmeal soup – to which I’m rapidly becoming addicted: chop up one leek and fry in a little butter, add just over one pint of stock, 2 grated carrots and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal.  Bring to the boil, then simmer for about 20-30 mins until the soup has thickened.  Seriously, it’s fast and dee-licious.

carrotFor the ‘main’ course, I made a quick red cabbage and carrot coleslaw to which I added 1/2 grated apple and tiny bit of mayo.  Fresh and tasty and colourful.

Pudding?  Do you really have to ask???  Ummm, I think that would be pear crumble!

So to my final cinema question for Anne this week.  What were your favourite war-time films?  Favourite film stars?

anne2013Too many to pick out a special few, really.  On the whole I liked the British dramas and comedy-dramas best, Powell & Pressburger sort of stuff.  Favourite stars?  Well, when I saw ‘The Man In Grey’ I fell head-over-heels with James Mason, even though his part was not the ‘hero’ I loved his voice as well as his acting – the one and only pin-up I ever had on my bedroom wall! Favourite actress – without doubt, Rita Hayworth. Apart from the fact she looked like a goddess, her dramatic abilities in serious films like ‘Miss Sadie Thompson’ and ‘Gilda’ were amazing, and that she also danced like a dream with both Astaire and Gene Kelly – what more could anybody ask for?