Gary Bonn – Blog Hop



Many thanks to Gary Bonn for tagging me in his blog hop last week.

Here are his answers to the same questions.

For more information about Gary and his writing, please check out his website: or Twitter @garybonn


What am I working on?

I shouldn’t be writing. What I should be doing is…

1) Editing other people’s books to help them (and my bank account)

2) Re-writing six books I’ve already written and bringing them up to a better standard.

3) Doing a final structural edit of two of my books that are about to be published.

… but what I’m actually doing is writing a book about a young woman who is snatched from her apprenticeship, thrown, against her will, into university, and asked to save the world from mathematicians, who are inadvertently in league with the devil.

How does my work differ from other works in the same genre?

I write in… let me count… um, lots of genres. Help! I don’t know how to answer this question. I have a note from my mum and everything.

My Y/A books, already published, are theme-driven and the themes are pretty unusual. Sadly, there are no girls falling in love with vampires, but there is 17 year-old Jason who has lived feral on beaches since he ran from a children’s home at 11 and thinks in a way that is pivotal in resolving a nationwide crisis (Expect Civilian Casualties), and Beatha, of the same age, whose struggle with mental illness inspires the rest of humanity; well, those people who don’t want her dead (The Evil and the Fear).

Why do I write what I write?

Themes! As well as editing fiction I edit autobiography. There’s nothing more inspiring and mind-blowing than the themes that develop through someone’s life. They are the intoxicating revelations, the passions, the motivations behind whole crusades, heroism and the paradigm-shifts that turn our perceptions upside-down. These are what my life is about and I want to share them.

How does my writing process work?

A bit like a prototype racing car. Terrifying, unpredictable and high-octane, or sat in the garage for days while people scratch their heads.




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