Searching For…

I’m really excited about the project the writing group I belong to – The Alberta Romance Writers’ Association/ARWA – is currently involved with.  (I know, I know… the prepositions in that sentence are in the wrong places, but it sounded too formal written the ‘proper’ way!)

Back in November, under the stewardship of multi-published author Jessica L. Jackson, ARWA decided to promote a series of books with the theme Searching For…

The cross genre novels are between 40-70,000 words, the link between them being the main character must be Searching For… something.  That ‘something‘ can be a person/place/thing/peace of mind,  so the writer’s imagination is not limited.

This week saw the launch of the first book in the Searching For Series.  Written by Mahrie G. Reid, it’s a mystery entitled, Sheldon Harris Came Home Dead.

Please check it out.  I will be announcing future releases on this blog as they are published.



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