WW2 Month of Rations – Research

As with last time, I will be including the images of the wartime food I eat each day with a little history of the war.

What I personally enjoyed most about my previous ration challenge was hearing the stories my Aunt Anne, who was a child during the war, contributed to my blog, as well as her advice on what I was doing right… or wrong.  (No rice pudding!)  I’m thrilled she’s given me some more stories this time around.


For research,  I’m using The Chronicle of the 20th Century, which describes the events of each day of the century.  There are all kinds of WW2 sites available online, but I recently found a link to Real Time’ WW2 Tweets.  It’s absolutely fabulous and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

history book

When it comes to the food, I’ll be mostly using three books of Marguerite Patten’s wartime recipes published by the Imperial War Museum –  We’ll Eat Again, The Victory Cookbook and Post-War Kitchen.


There are also some great wartime ration websites out there, my favourite being The 1940s Experiment.  She has some great recipes and information, so please check it out!

And of course, there’s always Youtube.  Here’s an excerpt from an informative (and funny!) documentary series the BBC released a few years ago.


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