London versus Alberta

Here’s the challenge.  If you’ve read my blog, you know how much I love London.  My husband and I were supposed to spend three weeks there this December, with a side trip to Belgium (Brussels/Bruges, two hours on the Eurostar) thrown in.  We’ve had to cancel our visit, so is there any way we can replicate what we were hoping to see in Europe in Calgary/Alberta without visiting places we’ve already been?

LONDON: Marks and Spencer Xmas shopping. Jude Law in Henry V. Dennis Severs House. Geffrye Museum. Hamley’s Toy Shop in Regent Street. Carol Service at St Martin’s in the Fields. Ice skating and Xmas markets on The South Bank. National Army Museum. Making of Harry Potter, Warner Brothers’ Tour.

BRUSSELS/BRUGES:  Tour of WW1 battlefields. Belgian Beer. Belgian Chocolate! Belgian food! Walk along the canals in Bruges. Traditional Xmas markets. Herge/Tintin  Museum.

Can we do it?

Watch this space!



4 thoughts on “London versus Alberta

  1. Wow. What a challenge. So far I can only say sit and watch Passchendaele – buy some Belgian chocolate – and replace the beer with Labatt’s Blue – very good too. Take a walk along the river (Memorial Drive); Farmer’s Market (are any still open) and a trip downtown to shop at the original Hudson’s Bay. That’s the Brussels/Bruges covered. Watch Arctic Air – notice beautiful sexy Adam Beech is a native – go back to pondering over that native who died in Scotland? And lastly pretend?

    • I hadn’t thought about watching Passchendale or going down to The Bay, so thanks for those suggestions. I will definitely add them to my list! The one that’s really challenging me is the Tintin/Herge Museum. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that!

  2. I just checked the Museum out. Well – that would be hard. I notice – Steven Spielberg’s new 3-D Tintin films, Maybe you could rent them. It says they came out in 2011. I know it’s not the same but… A Canadian Writer invented Superman – but I think he was from Toronto and I’m sure the American’s have taken him over – just like Bell and the telephone eh?

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