Fabulous Fashionistas!

This has to be one of the most inspiring documentaries I’ve seen in a long time.

These women are absolutely amazing. If you want to check out the whole documentary, type the above title into Youtube to watch it. (Just be aware you’ll have to plough through a few adverts first!)

My Mum could have been one of those women – as is her sister Anne, my aunt, who has contributed to this blog and is currently helping me edit my novel.

I think we tend to think of our mums as ‘just Mum’, but when I stand back and look at the things my mum did in her life, she, too, was amazing.

Putting aside what she went through in the war – separated from her husband, a child who almost died, experiencing bombing in Glasgow – it’s how she dealt with her later years that is just as inspiring. Mum was in her early sixties when my Dad died. Having given up work when she got married to become a traditional wife and mother, she had little experience of the working world, but after she became a widow she found herself a job in a doctor’s surgery and took in a boarder. When the boarder finally left she figured out what it was that she liked doing – cooking and looking after people – and organised herself some ‘wee jobs’ as a housekeeper in London. I remember driving her to her first interview, decked out in her ocelot fur coat and claiming to be ten years younger than her actual seventy six years.

Of course she aced it.

My siblings and myself weren’t too keen on this sudden show of independence. Maybe we thought it reflected badly on Dad – he’d left her well provided for,  she didn’t have to work – but now I understand.  No, she didn’t HAVE to work, she wanted to.  But on her terms.  One month on for the challenge, and one month off to return to her island home and enjoy her home, friends and village.

Older women rock!!


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