Favourite e-mails.

I love e-mails. I love their immediacy and the fact they can consist of only a single word or a whole screed.

I’m currently having a great e-mail conversation with my aunt.  She’s helping me edit one of my books which is set during WW2. But it’s not just her professional feedback I’m enjoying, it’s the little tidbits about her family life growing up that she keeps dropping in. Totally fascinating. I just love firing up my laptop in the morning and sitting down with my breakfast cup of tea to see what’s in my mailbox from her. (And one of these days I hope to persuade her to start her own blog on Growing up in Glasgow in the 30s and 40s so everyone can read her stories.)

But just edging her out this week was an e-mail I received yesterday which made me really – really – happy.  I’ve known Dee Van Dyk for… let’s leave it at a long time! She was my first introduction (via snail mail!) to the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association (ARWA) and has grown from being a colleague to a good friend. For many years she’s focused on non-fiction, publishing articles in many major magazines, but a few months ago – after several years of puttering around with a YA novel idea – she joined ARWA’s Summer Challenge to complete a first draft over the summer months.

Yesterday morning I woke up to the following e-mail header:  Do you know what this is?

And when I clicked on the image?

Her completed first draft of her YA Novel The Sin Eater!

dee imagge

It just shows what a person can achieve if they have passion and persistence.

Having read the first thirty pages, I can’t wait to read  the completed manuscript. Dee’s a hugely talented writer with a unique, vibrant voice. She’s going to the Surrey International Writers Conference this fall to pitch Sin Eater and I have no doubts it will be snapped up.

When she hits the bestseller list, don’t forget that you heard her name here first.

Way to go, Dee!

And keep those good news e-mails coming!


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