From The Heart.

On March 13th, 1996, my daughter and I flew into Glasgow from Canada to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday.  Leaving a country still covered with snow, I was excited about seeing a wash of green awaiting us as we flew over Scotland. But it wasn’t to be. Scotland too lay shrouded in snow, a vision of bleak midwinter. An apt vision, as it turned out.  Mere hours later we learned of the tragedy of Dunblane.

It was only recently I learned that tennis player Andy Murray had been a child at the primary school that day. I can’t begin to imagine the horrors he, his family and the people of Dunblane experienced that day, and the pain and loss they continue to bear. But it feels as though his success at Wimbledon today is a whisper and promise of hope  – that no matter what happens, some people (hopefully most) with the support of family, community and an internal courage and belief in themselves can, and will, overcome tragedy.

From one Scot to another, can I just say how proud I am (and I believe all of us are) of your courage, tenacity and resilience, Andy.

On this most magnificent day, Thank you for being a beacon of inspiration.

Relish your success.  You’ve earned it.


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