Lorraine Paton

Congratulations to Lorraine Paton – writing colleague and former president of The Alberta Romance Writers’ Association – on the release of her first book – Devin’s Second Chance.

Please check out the excerpt below.  She’s a gifted writer.

I’ve already downloaded a copy to my Kindle and can’t wait to read it.

Congrats again, Lorraine.  May this be the first of many!



3 thoughts on “Lorraine Paton

  1. Interesting. Her first book is 84,000 words, her second in the series is 60,000 and her third book is a novella at 18,000. Quite a difference. And here I am wondering about a few thousand different between ours. j

  2. I’ve just noticed that Lorraine is listed on Amazon.ca. Would she/did shehave more information on this (and I just can’t find your email)? j

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