I love – love – watching TV!

I’ve just been watching the Queen’s 60th Anniversary of her Coronation on TV. I wasn’t alive at that time, but I know that my parents bought their first TV – as did thousands of others up and down the country – to watch the ceremony. I still have the table on which that original TV sat – it now holds my printer – and I remember that it took a while for the TV set to warm up after you turned it on. I loved – loved – that warm dusty smell when I switched it on at lunchtime to watch The Woodentops.

I can’t tell you how much I loved – and still love –  watching television. Growing up, my Mum and Dad accused me of having ‘square eyes’.  If I wasn’t reading a book, I was watching TV or going to the cinema.

Here’s a list of just some of the programmes that have captured my imagination over the years.   (I’m giving you fair warning – my tastes are not particularly sophisticated.)

I would love it if you’d tell me some of yours.

The Woodentops.

Andy Pandy.

Blue Peter

Doctor Who

Z Cars

The Valiant Years

Star Trek

The High Chaparral

Alias Smith and Jones

The Forsyte Saga


Starsky and Hutch

The World At War

The Jewel in the Crown



Hill Street Blues

The Sandbaggers


To Serve Them All my Days


The Young and The Restless

China Beach

Star Trek Next Generation

Brides of Christ


History of Britain

Highlander – told you I wasn’t very sophisticated!

The Rector’s Wife


Brideshead Revisited

Rebecca (Charles Dance and Emilia Fox version)

Pride and Prejudice

North and South (UK version)

Goodnight Mr. Tom

Band of Brothers



Game of Thrones


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