Wartime Rations – Day Twelve

Had the usual – porridge – for breakfast, with soup and the last of the meat pie for lunch.

Dinner was macaroni – again – but now that I’m getting the hang of how to tease out the rations, I added fried bacon and onions to the sauce. A real guilty pleasure.


Anne’s memories today are in response to two questions I posed yesterday about storing and reheating food (thank heavens for fridges and microwaves) and also treats at the cinema.

Over to Anne:

As far as I remember, it was a case of Bring your Own treats (at the cinema).  I think the ‘ice cream girls’ who paraded the aisles during the intervals had probably disappeared to the Services or factories.  For myself, it was something from Colquhoun’s (the bakery beneath the flat in Byres Road) with cash I’d swapped my sweet coupons for! or perhaps an apple  or a scrubbed carrot.  From Colquhoun’s it would depend on the state of my purse – most likely a sausage roll or (the best treat for me) a mutton pie   You don’t seem to be suffering from feeling hungry, but I did – but then I was a growing girl!

Without a fridge, especially in the summer, it was difficult to keep meat fresh – cooked or uncooked.  All I had as a young wife was a ‘meat safe’ which was just a ‘box’ of wire to keep flies off.  I kept it in the coolest room, in the shade, and where it might catch any draught going.  I had been well warned by Mother that I should not re-heat cooked meat after it had cooled unless it was a stew or something that I could bring back to the boil again – I’d run a strong risk of its containing bacteria.  


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