Wartime Rations – Day Six

It’s been a really busy day, so here’s a quick catch-up.

Joy, oh joy!  After a week of porridge for breakfast, this morning I sat down to a boiled egg and toast.  Protein  – for breakfast  – yayyy!    Lunch was leftover beef hot-pot and crumble from yesterday.


And this evening?  A huge plate of macaroni, salad and some warm home made scones with butter and jam. What more could anyone ask for, really.

Memories from Anne:

In summer, Mother bottled anything that could be bottled, and winters would have been very dull without the tomatoes, plums, beetroot etc that she’d done in the summer.  These things disappeared from shops once their season was over – very little fresh stuff was imported.  Finding sealable jars was the problem; most factories were engaged on munitions and the servicemen’s needs and shop windows were pretty empty; so the jars were handled very gently.  Remember, this was a time before fridges and freezers, so bottling was really all the preserving you could do.

If you have any family memories you would like to share of the Home Front in World War Two, please add them to the comment box.


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